The SC Dept of Corrections is allowing inmates to receive Spring Boxes.  They have actually lowered the prices on some food items and clothing items, which is a good thing.  Also very surprising.  Usually they are so overpriced, it was nice to see some lower prices for once!  I have five ladies I would like to send a full Spring Box to - this would be $100 worth of food and $50 worth of personal clothing like underwear, socks and bras.  These ladies have a significant amount of time.  They do not have family support, so they will be very appreciative.  I am looking into a way to add thank you letters I receive to this site so that I can share that gratitude with everyone who is so sweet to help me out.

Shay wrote me this past week and she is doing well.  She still has not gotten a decision on her PCR.  I am continuing to be hopeful for her.  She has not got into any trouble in a while, which is good.  She hasnt had to go to the "hole" for almost six months now.  I am very proud of her.  You have to understand they can put you in the whole for the least offense.

Continue to pray for these ladies as they face the daily struggle of prison life.  Thanks