Its been a while since I posted, but things have just been very hectic lately.  It is almost time to start fund raising for the 2010 Christmas Box Program.  Last year we did 29 boxes, and I hope to go beyond that this year.  I have received so many requests for help, so many letters from women asking for assistance.  I want to help as many as I possibly can.  Alot of women who do have family support are asking for help due to their families experiencing a rough time financially due to loss of jobs, and other situations.  As always, I do not help women with child related crimes, so I am screening all the new requests accordingly.   There are several elderly women on the list for this year that I would really like to do something special for, three of them have severe health issues and I want to try and brighten up their holidays this year.  I would like to not only do a box for them, but send some money to their accounts to help cover the cost of their medications and healthcare.  In prison, they charge you $4 each time you go to Medical and they charge you $4 for your prescriptions.  While this is indeed a small amount of money, when you only get $15 - $25 per month it is alot.  So, if these women are getting any money from their families it is going to those expenses, which means they are not getting to buy personals like soap, deodorant, shampoo, etc.  Some people ask me what if the women dont have any money in their accounts?  Well, the charges pile up and when the inmate is released and get a job, the money due to the Dept of Corrections is obtained by keeping State Income Tax refunds.  

I hope that I will have a good response this year, last year was amazing and I appreciate everyone who helped.  Thanks again and I will post again soon!

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