Food Issue
I have received numerous letters in the past couple of months about the situation in the SC Dept of Corrections involving the food they are being served.  I have received letters describing spoiled food, food with maggots in it, bowl weevels, mold, all sorts of disgusting circumstances.  People in prison are criminals, this is a fact.  But they are still PEOPLE.  It is not right to serve people food that is only going to make them sick.  Some of the elderly inmates are having a particularly hard time with this, as are the pregnant women and women with terminal illnesses and other medical conditions.  They are not receiving the nutrition they need.  I have encouraged the inmates to write to the Prison Board and to file grievances, but these efforts only go so far.  I have called the prison system offices in Columbia myself and have received the run around each time ultimately being transferred to voicemails and never receiving a call back.  This is very frustrating.  Please keep these women in your prayers as they struggle to survive in the worst possible place on the p

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